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Let’s Talk About Soybean Nutrition

Everything you need to know about soybean nutrition and more.

Crop nutrition can be tricky, especially when focusing on high-yielding programs. Here, you will find everything you need to know about university field trials, research findings, testimonials and more.

The Research to Unlock the Potential in Your Soybeans

From land grant university field trials to our own corporate-sponsored research, these results prove one thing: we’ve been underestimating the growth potential of soybeans for too long. With the proper nutrient plan, including increased sulfur (S) and nitrogen (N) availability, high-yielding soybeans can be a profitable option year after year. See for yourself.

Sulf-N® ammonium sulfate fits the 4R nutrient stewardship approach for S and N fertilization of high yield-potential soybeans.

Right Rate

With clean air regulations, total S depositions have declined from 20 lb S/acre to ~0, but a 75 bu/acre crop needs ~15 lb S/acre. This is a critical gap in many soils. Notably, 20-25 lb N/acre is all that is needed to boost early growth and/or to complement soil N and biological N during reproductive stages.

Right Time

  • Soybeans can benefit from S and N applied within 2-3 weeks of planting. S is essential for biological N fixation, and N can boost early growth while nodulation establishes.
  • Soybeans may benefit from N and S applied at bloom or shortly after – soil N plus biological N fixation may not be enough to grow 75+ bu/acre, plus 50% the N and S is taken up after flowering.

Right Place

A 100% sulfate-S source can be applied as a granule on the soil surface and will be immediately available for root uptake with the first rain. An N source that resists volatilization loss, such as AMS, may be broadcast- applied over previous crop residue or over the soybean field.

Right Source

  • Sulf-N® resists N loss and provides immediately-available S.
  • Soybean field soybean studies have shown S responses of up to 13 bu/acre.
  • There is no need to incorporate into the soil; it will solubilize and become available to roots with the first rain.
  • It is proven to be 2X more efficient than fertilizer applications composed of 50% of S in the elemental form.


White Papers

Sulf-N® Ammonium Sulfate Outperforms Elemental Sulfur Formulations in Soybean Field Trials

In field trials conducted by Purdue University in 2016 and 2017 and recently reported in Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, Sulf-N® ammonium sulfate was twice as efficient as two other commercial sulfur (S) formulations containing the same total S, but with half of it in the form of elemental S.

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Modern Soybeans Require More S and N

Purposeful nutrition management and timely planting can pay off in yield. Increasingly, soybeans are becoming more than just something to rotate with corn. Savvy growers are learning that high-yielding soybean varieties, if managed intentionally, will pay off the extra effort in yield.

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Maximize Profit Opportunities in Soybeans

Soybeans are more than just a crop to rotate with corn. Well managed, high-yielding varieties also provide opportunities to increase your profits. To achieve the full genetic potential of these varieties, good fertility is critical.

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Summary of Research Efforts

AdvanSix continues to sponsor research exploring the benefits of N and S application to soybeans, partnering with both universities and contract research organizations across a variety of geographic regions. Field trials are planned for locations across the following states: Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Minnesota and Virginia, with research focusing both on the yield impact of N and S fertilization and the timing of the application.


Nutrient Management for High Yield Soybeans
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Questions? We Have the Answers.

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The Secret to Soybean Success is With Supplemental N and S

The best source of sulfur and nitrogen for your high-yielding soybeans is ammonium sulfate (AMS).

Soybeans only naturally fix about 50% of the nitrogen they need, and sulfur is critical for many plant physiology processes that promote season-long plant health from emergence to full maturity. To have a successful nutrient management plan, you need a fertilizer that has a flexible application window and offers high nutrient density and plant availability. Ammonium sulfate is a proven solution that offers everything you are looking for in a supplemental fertilizer.

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