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Meet the Growers Who Are Serious About Their Soybeans

With an understanding that high-yielding soybeans require more nutrients, these growers decided to try more intensive management practices.

AdvanSix partnered with six innovative growers and their retailers to see what it takes to maximize soybean production at the farm level. As part of this collaboration, growers will conduct split-field trials, where half of a field receives supplemental ammonium sulfate, and the other half doesn’t. AMS promotes proper stand establishment, season-long plant and canopy health, node maximization, bloom and pod establishment and supports improved pod fill late in the season. Using AMS is all about maximizing soybean yield, profit per acre, and ROI, and splitting high yielding fields is an excellent way for growers to collect data and observations on any performance enhancements AMS delivers throughout the growing season on their farm.

We will follow each grower’s journey from application, through the growing season, to harvest. Come back and visit for updates!

Find a Farm

AdvanSix is partnering with six growers and their retailers in the following locations: Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, and Missouri. You can follow each grower’s updates throughout the year by clicking on their profiles below.

Patrick Riley

Patrick is careful to balance his operation’s expenses with projected yield and ROI before making nutrient management decisions, but now more than ever, he is open to new management strategies that will potentially increase yield.

Soybean Grower
Get to Know Patrick

Marc Kaiser

Marc says the key to success in his operation is proper evaluation and implementation of evolving agronomic management practices. For the Supplement Your Soybean field trials, Marc seeks to fine-tune the sulfur and nitrogen application timing in his higher potential soybean fields.

Soybean Grower
Get to Know Marc

Keith Schrader

Keith's long-term partnerships with crop advisors and ag research organizations have helped his family advance their 5000-acre corn and soybean operation. One reason his team is participating in the Supplement Your Soybeans field trials is to better understand the impact ammonium sulfate can have on non-GMO soybean protein quality.

Soybean Grower
Get to Know Keith

Ryan Reimers

Years of experience in the agriculture industry has taught Ryan that sulfur nutrition plays an important role in proper soybean development, including protein production and photosynthesis. By applying ammonium sulfate in the Supplement Your Soybeans trial, he hopes to see an increase of 3-5 bu/ac compared to last year.

Soybean Grower
Get to Know Ryan

The Washburns

While agriculture in the small city of Union City, Michigan has certainly changed over the last 40 years, Jon's passion for farming hasn’t changed. Jon and his son Bryan consistently implement new, innovative practices to push their operation further.

Soybean Grower
Get to Know The Washburns

Joel Lange

Joel knows evolving production technology, targeted genetics and changing growing conditions are contributing to the gradual increase in average soybean yields. To keep up with that yield trend and continue to optimize plant health and potential yield, he’s adding supplemental crop nutrition.

Soybean Grower
Get to Know Joel
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