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A Rich History in Ammonium Sulfate

Decades of research shows this fertilizer is proven to perform

For over a century, agronomists, advisors, retailers, and growers alike have relied on independent and scientifically backed research to verify the nutrient benefits of ammonium sulfate and other fertilizers. Decades of independent laboratory, university and field research conducted across multiple crops has consistently shown positive yield response to ammonium sulfate.

AdvanSix is committed to connecting with retailers and their growers throughout the country to discuss growing soybeans as a major cash crop and the necessary adjustments in management needed to maximize yield and ROI, including the use of AMS.

Mike Hamilton, Business Director of Plant Nutrients, talks about the decades of sulfur nutrition research AdvanSix has done on a variety of crops around the world and how the benefits of sulfur on crops have greatly increased in the last 10–15 years.

AdvanSix continuously sponsors agronomy research exploring the benefits of N and S application to soybeans, partnering with both universities and contract research organizations across a variety of geographic regions to ensure all crops and maturity groups are studied.

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