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Get Serious About Soybeans

No longer considered just a rotation crop for corn, it’s time to aggressively manage soybean nutrition to maximize ROI.

You might be surprised what the addition of nitrogen (N) and sulfur (S) to soybean crop can do. Today’s high-yielding soybean varieties require more nitrogen and sulfur than ever before. For growers and ag retailers looking to maximize crop performance, AMS is the most efficient, versatile and proven source of sulfur, delivering ROI by improving plant health and increasing yield. As a matter of fact, AMS is pound for pound the most efficient sulfur source on the market.


As you rethink your nutrition plan for high-yielding soybeans, consider AMS. Soybeans require higher levels of sulfur and nitrogen to deliver increased yields. Dig deeper into soybean nutrition by exploring university field trials, research findings and testimonials from those who have first-hand knowledge of raising their soybean yields.

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About AdvanSix

Mike Hamilton, Vice President and Business Director of Plant Nutrients, talks about the decades of sulfur nutrition research AdvanSix has done on a variety of crops around the world and how the benefits of sulfur on crops have greatly increased in the last 10–15 years.

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Nutrition Planning

This is a tool designed to help growers and ag retailers follow the necessary steps throughout the production year in an efficient and effective matter.



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AMS on Soybeans

Enhanced nutrition strategies mean more productive soybeans. Learn how N and S work hand in hand to promote a healthier soybean plant and greater yield.

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We’ve compiled several common questions about ammonium sulfate and how it compares to one of its alternatives.

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